Blog #02: C R E A T I V I T Y

I never believed that I was able to “do any art” or really express myself. In the art education of the public schooling system I received terrible grades and my sister was always “better” in the creative things than me. So I simply gave up on any kind of self-expression, put it aside for those other people… Then I came into my university times and I started meditating. I came in contact with more artists and when I found myself in a community I was painting a wall with a friend. Again there was this nagging self-doubt that what I was doing was not good enough, not beautiful enough.

She was painting a beautiful face and my painting was just a few lines I felt. But then there was another friend coming over to me and said: “Man, what you paint is really beautiful, it is just very abstract and different.” From that moment a lot has changed and I bought myself some crayons and paper. In the beginning I was not even nearly happy with what I was doing but it felt so good to just do it. It was really healing to observe myself as well while doing it and see where this self-criticism was coming from.

Who are you actually painting for?

When I was thinking this I realized that it was just for myself, just about the fun of it. It is so much more about how comfortable you feel and how you relate to what you are doing than about the way it externally looks in the end.

So do not let yourself get discouraged by external opinions about your creativity and art. Just grab whichever medium you wish (paint, writing, music, dancing,cooking, arranging flowers,…) and START. It is such a beautiful way to get into a deeper contact with yourself and getting to know yourself. For me the whole process was very adventurous as I never knew what was coming next, had no clear idea of what was going on inside myself before I could see it.

Every doubt or self-criticism on this way is an invitation to reflect on and work with. Where does it come from?
Who might have said that to you in your childhood?
Is this believe true for YOU?

Does it serve you to think this way?


Canvas of my arrival in Saarbrücken

Podcast #01: 5 Schritte um deine Ängste zu überwinden

Immer wieder treffen wir im Leben auf Ängste, die uns davon abhalten unsere Träume zu verfolgen und das Leben zu führen, welches wir wirklich leben möchte. In diesem Podcast teile ich mit Dir die 5 Schritte, die Du in dein Leben integrieren kannst um deine Ängste zu überwinden.