Cato by Cato

“Travel around the world and never leave the table”

By far the best food that ticks all the boxes in Maastricht. It is healthy, affordable, something for everyone (vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free, halal) and ever-changing. So you can literally have it everyday without feeling bad or spending too much money.

Jeffrey, the owner, is a very lovely man who always manages to inspire me and put a smile on my face. The store is alive, ever changing and a huge art piece. It shows how much Jeffrey has travelled and seen already and shows that even though he is a father and settled now he still managed to stay young.

As you might get a sense already it is hard to put this in word. I think it is best to get your own picture and go along and grab some lunch or order some of his catering.

Starterscentrum Limburg

If you are in the process of becoming self-employed the starters centrum is incredibly helpful. They offer personal meetings, workshops/presentations on how to start your business and everything that comes with it.

The best thng is that all of this comes free of charge as well, which I nearly could not believe in the beginning.

The Starterscentrum Limburg has been incredibly hel├╝ful for me already with all the things that are not too much fun for me and might not be for you.

The InnBetween Maastricht

Petra and her team are doing such a wonderful job in bringing more humanity into Maastricht and especially into its student life.

Just in the city centre of Maastricht they offer the space for artists to express themselves.

People also come together here to have a meaningful time as a group. Whether it is eating, singing, dancing, meditating, hiking or practicing Yoga together, you name it… The InnBetween has it all.

I have always felt incredibly welcomed when I came there and advise it to every student who is looking to connect in this town.

You can at any time feel free to just drop in for a chat and a tea.