There is an ever rising number of people getting into Mindfulness to find more stillness and serenity within their lives. Because of the proven results of more satisfaction and happiness even big companies like Google offer courses on Mindfulness to their employees.

The practice of Meditation helps us to lead a life which is more mindful and present. This presence brings us to a new quality of life and to a different way of dealing with difficulties.

A studies of Harvard University on the effects of mindfulness meditation proved that people who meditated daily for an average of 27 minutes over a duration of 8 weeks showed a structural change within their brains. Thereby especially the areas changed positively, that are related to learning & memory, to self awareness, to empathy and to introspection.

I offer mindfulness workshops to introduce the topic within your company/university and an ongoing weekly practice together. If you are interested contact me.


Are there any physical limitations why you cannot meditate and sit still for a period of time? Then have a look at my Yoga page. Yoga is the perfect way of preparing our body to sit still without complaints to meditate for a while.


Open Meditation Circle

It is such an enriching experience to meditate together, sitting in silence and sharing experiences afterwards.

Therefore I hold the space for an Open Meditation Circle every Mondy evening at 20:15 in Capucijnengang 10, 6211RV Maastricht.

Meditations will be in silence except if there is the need for guidance.

The evening will be on the Dana principle (donation based).

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