Do you feel like you are being stuck somewhere in life? Do you notice that you are not clear about where your life is heading? Or do you want to build self-esteem and feel more secure with yourself?

Make sure to book a free personal intake call with me.
If you want to go on the first hour of coaching afterwards you only pay 10€ (for the first ten people).

Please let me know your thoughts/ideas to this in the comments below. What do you think about life coaching? Have you ever tried it out?

Why to choose me as your Life Coach:

  • In my early 20’s I suffered from a full burn-out, meaning that a lot of my body functions stopped working due to stress. Finding my way through this time I decided that it was rather a burn-through and I used it as a big stepping stone towards a deeper wisdom. Right now I am more happy and fulfilled in my life than ever before.
  • In the last years I accompanied and supported several people in building their business with heart and integrity.
  • I supported a friend in embracing her full talents as a musician and releasing her first Audio CD.


Are you a student and feel this fear of failure becoming bigger and bigger? Do you feel that you got out of balance with your emotional side, out of tune with your body? Is university life and all that comes with it beautiful but somehow overwehelming you? Do you not know what you really want for your life?

Together we can build up structures that really serve you. We can find a way of truly dealing with your fears and connecting back with your body and emotions. In the process we will find out what you really want for your life.

I have been a student in Maastricht myself and know that life very well with all its beauties and difficulties.

As a coach I see my role in facilitating the place for the process. Thereby it is dearly important for me to stay respectful and to treat everything we share confidentially. It means to find the right speed of coaching together and to have a challenging pace yet not to be overwhelming.