About myself

Since the moment I started thinking there was this deep curiosity withing myself, this longing to get to know other people and myself.

How can we live a life in peace and harmony? How can we love ourselves and ‘simply’ feel happy?

The journey there seems sometimes very difficult and some obstacles seem impossible to overcome. Exactly at this point the support of an independent person can be so encouraging and helping us to overcome our obstacles, to see our ‘blind spots’.

I would love to be this support in your life!

I started my own personal development with meditation and writing. I loved to see the immeditate effects it had on me and my life. Later on I found into Yoga and Personal Coaching and see them all as very unique philosophies that are so complementary to one another.

Together we will find a way, in which you will get to know yourself better and find more happiness, confidence and hope. This is always going to happen with respect to your being, meaning that it will be challenging yet not overwhelming. Finding out about this tempo, your own speed, can already be a massive shift.

I offer my support in Maastricht, but the coaching process can happen through the internet via video call as well.

Book your free first introductory call today or come to one of my classes.

I am looking forward to meet you!

Qualifications & Experiences

  • Yoga teacher training course at Arhanta Yoga Ashram (200 hrs)
  • ongoing Yoga teacher training course at Arhanta Yoga Ashram (50 hrs)
  • Personal Coaching study track at ILS in Germany (15 months study track + practical seminars)
  • Personal Coaching presence seminar with Kathrin Gronau (50 hrs)
  • participation in a Coaching Peergroup in Cologne with Cornelia Wallmüller (dfc-verband.de)
  • several work exchanges in Mangrove Mountain Yoga Ashram (Australia), Arhanta Yoga Ashram (The Netherlands), Open Sky House (Germany), Monastere Ryumon Ji (Zen temple in France), …
  • direct in-depth teachings through Ralf Rousseau, John David, Christopher Titmuss, Shanaz Bukhari, Stephan Oberhauser, …
  • continous ongoing education in Yoga, Meditation and Personal Coaching through study, self-study, workshops, seminars and courses